Too Many People Over Pay

Nothing makes is worse than someone paying too much money for something they could get much cheaper. Always amazing to people that live, and die for discounts, is those people that pay full price for everything. The art of overpaying is nothing new, and for those that can afford to do so, it may never disappear. But other people in this world can’t afford to pay full price for anything. While my economic status seems to change like the colors on a chameleon’s skin, one thing I will never forget is the fact that nothing brings out deal making creativity like being poor. In fact, for those that have ever had financial issues will tell you, often finding a deal can be the difference in making a purchase all together, or not.

Without a doubt I’ve had my fair shares of ups, and downs financially, and it seems important to let the cat out of the bag by writing down the lessons, or dare I say tricks that have kept me living like a wealth person, even in the direst of situations.

Is this book a magic guide to getting everything free? No, of course not, rather this book is as much a lesson about being creative in general, as it is about specific methods for getting deals. Sure this book is packed with valuable information about getting discounts, and bargains on nearly anything you would spend money on to begin with, but it’s also contains one general theme, be creative. The more creative you can be when it comes to landing a bargain, the more discounts you will achieve. One deal hunter said years ago that getting a deal is simple, because everything with a price tag is negotiable. While I don’t fully agree with this mantra, I do believe that most prices are in fact flexible, and when it comes to getting a deal, those with that are already sniffing for a deal will find it first. That is why this book is so powerful, it teaches you how to sniff your way to getting deals on everything, and gives you an insiders perspective on getting a deal.

Don’t quit your day job, and plan to live free yet, but expect to save nearly half off of any price you currently pay for goods by following the advice in this book. Instead of having to land deals out of pure necessity as I had to, enjoy the lessons in this book at your leisure, as you may as well save enough money on the things you buy everyday with the advice in this book to not be in the poor house any longer. No matter what your economic status, or pedigree, it is time to enlighten you on how to save money on everything. Buckle up, grab a pen and pad, and get ready to take notes, the getting a deal 101 class is about to begin.