The Right Sunglasses for the Fashion – Conscious Man

Choosing sunglasses that are right for you can be a difficult choice if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but as a fashion conscious guy, you’ve probably got an idea of the type of shades that you want. There are many factors that can help you make a decision about the type of sunglasses that you can get and these include:

  • Face Shape
  • Frame Color
  • Lens Type
  • What’s in Fashion

Choosing your Shades according to Face Shape

First check your face shape and then find the style of shades that will flatter your face:

Oval – Oval face shapes can wear any style – just make sure that the frames give you the UV protection that you need.

Square – Go for rounded frames to soften the sharp features of your face and bring out your gentler side!

Round – Wayfarers or other angular shades will add definition to your face and bring out your features in the best way.

Oblong – Go for deep yet narrow frames with soft lines and few angles to soften the length and shape of your jaw and cheeks.

Heart – Choose square or rectangular frames to add definition to the wider area of your face and bring out your masculine side.

Triangle – Try top heavy frames to balance out your jaw line. Also try angular and square lenses which are flattering for triangle faces.

Choosing your Shades according to Frame Color

Start your search at what is in my opinion one of the best online shops for affordable stylish sunglasses and look at the range of frames offered. If you are as fashion conscious as you think, it would be wise to choose a frame that will flatter your color palette in terms of the types of clothes that you wear already. If you wear earthy tones such as beige, camel, tan, lots of denim and other warm autumnal shades then you might like to opt for a brown or burnt orange color for your frame.

If you wear darker colors or you can’t pinpoint what your clothing color palette is, then you can opt for a simple black frame which will go with practically any outfit and goes well with both business and leisure wear.

Choosing your Shades according to Lens Type

Not everyone has perfect eyesight and if you need prescription shades, your fashion and style doesn’t have to suffer as a result of this. Prescription lenses are available from a range of places, and many opticians will allow you to choose your frame and then fit the necessary lens in those frames so that you can still see perfectly and look great at the same time.

The important thing about choosing the lens is that you also need to make sure that it offers the right amount of protection, after all, shades are supposed to protect your eyes from the sun so if you are still suffering with your eyesight whilst wearing some cheap sunglasses then you will know that they aren’t doing their job properly. Polarized lenses are designed to reflect glare when you are looking at reflective surfaces such as water, ice or even a wet road whilst driving, and the UV protection on these shades can not only prevent eye damage but can also prevent squinting (which lead to crow’s feet) so that they keep your eyes looking young!

Choosing your Shades according to What’s in Fashion

Many men pride themselves on being totally in touch with fashion. If this sounds like you then there are plenty of style options for you to choose from in terms of what is in fashion.

When it comes to shades, there are many styles which are timeless and unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. The two styles in particular that apply to this rule are wayfarers and aviators. Gucci and Louis Vuitton have also recently brought out deeper lenses which are hot on the catwalks and trending in shopping malls across the globe. Choose a style that you are happy to wear – practicality needn’t be forgotten, and you can still find bold designs that suit your style for every season.

Selecting the Perfect Watch: A Watch Guide for Men and Women

Watches are not just for time anymore. Nowadays watches come with a range of features beyond time-telling. Watches also vary in design, shape, and price point. Depending on the features and look, we can group them as dress watches, casual watches, sports watches, and smart watches to name a few. But the real problem is selecting the most suitable timepiece that meets your needs and compliments your personality.

Looking for a go to watch, a watch that suits your style? Well, there are a few tips that help you pick the best watch that is affordable, stylish, and functional.

5 Tips to Select the Best Watch

1) Know Your Style

What is your style? Do you have a classic taste, or prefer a trendy style? As mentioned earlier, watches vary in design, color, dial shape and faces, band etc. For instance, sports watches feature heavy faces. On the other hand, some dress watches for women come with relative smaller watch dial and face. Likewise, casual watches are designed to give a tough look and feel. These come with stylish look and the straps such as khaki straps. So, before you pick a watch, understanding your style preference is important.

2) Determine Your Price Range?

Watches come in an array of price range. While some wristwatches are available for as less as $10, certain higher end watches have 6-figure price tag. But you want a watch that suits your budget. Thankfully, there are quality watches available in $100-$500 range. Determine your price point and search for the best watches in that range. Believe me, there are plenty.

3) Get Right Watch Material

Watches also vary in material. Different watches come with different case and band materials. Watches have metal case and bracelet such as stainless steel, gold plated or titanium. Similarly they feature different strap materials including leather, nylon, fabric, rubber etc. Choice of watch material depends on your needs and personal preferences. So select your watch material accordingly.

4) When Will You Wear It?

Are you a professional diver? You need a watch with high water resistance. On the other hand, a diamond-studded timepiece would be a perfect wedding watch. Similarly, stainless steel watch would be perfect for work. Therefore, make sure you get a practical watch that fits your personality and lifestyle.

5) What is Your Watch Brand?

Different watch brands are known for their unique features. For instance, Rolex and Omega are known for high-end luxury watches. Similarly, Casio watches suit best for outdoor and casual activities. So go for a watch brand that is popular for the features that you want in your watch.

You need not to sacrifice a nice design for a good price. Keep these watch buying tips in mind the next time you plan to buy a wristwatch.

Easy Baby Shower Themes For Hassle-Free Planning!

Planning a baby shower can be a huge responsibility. Not only will you need to make sure all of the guests are happy, but that the day is memorable for the guest of honour too! If you have been given the task of planning a last minute baby shower or are simply struggling to fit planning into your busy schedule, we have come up with some easy baby shower themes that require minimal effort.

Instead of planning party games, simply set up a cupcake decorating station at your bun in the oven themed baby shower.

Bun in the oven

Britain seems to be obsessed with baking at the moment, so why not take advantage of this trend by throwing a baking themed ‘bun in the oven’ baby shower? Create simple invitations featuring cupcakes and other sweet treats to send out to the guests. Instead of organising games to play, simply bake a fresh batch of cupcakes and set up a cupcake decorating station. Each guest can take their cupcake home in a little box to eat later, preventing you from needing to spend time shopping for party favours! For the decorations simply use colourful kitchen and baking items, along with a string or two of good old bunting.

Coloured themes

If you have a time constraint, make it simple by choosing a colour as your baby shower theme. If you know the gender of the baby you could always go down the route of pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Alternatively, if you do not know the gender of the baby, simply pick the mum-to-be’s favourite colour or a neutral shade like mint green. Make sure that all of your decorations fit in with the colour scheme and ask the guests to wear something in that colour to the party. We told you it was simple! you can also find low priced neutral coloured gifts by searching on the internet, and even order low cost gifts from international locations. Just remember if they are sending a parcel to USA to ensure it arrives in time.

If your friend is expecting a little girl, then why not throw a pink themed baby shower?

Winter wonderland theme

If you are planning a winter baby shower, then you are lucky as you can simply make use of the Christmas decorations that everyone has out at this time of year. Go for a winter wonderland baby shower theme by decorating the room with pine cones, baubles and fairy lights. You could even get some fake snow if you want to push the boat out a little! Rather than splashing out on expensive party food, simply make homemade soup and crusty bread. You can then serve hot chocolate topped with toasted marshmallows as the dessert. The planning will be easy as pie, but you will look like you have put a lot of time and effort into it!

A few extra tips for last minute baby showers

If you are planning a last minute baby shower you may want to consider sending out e-vites instead of traditional postal invites. This will ensure your guests receive them on time and actually know to turn up on the day!

The internet is also a last minute baby shower planner’s best friend. You will find numerous websites which allow you to download invites and other baby shower must-haves so you can simply print them off at home instead of having to wait for them to be delivered. You will also be able to find baby shower games online that will keep your guests entertained.

If you are really pushed for time, you may want to consider purchasing a baby shower kit. These kits include themed invitations, party games, favours and decorations, saving you time, effort and money.


Planning a baby shower needn’t be a big or daunting task. As long as you have put thought and consideration into making the day special for the mother-to-be, she is sure to have a smile on her face. Even if you have been given the job of planning a last minute baby shower, you will be able to plan the perfect party with the help of our tips. Keep calm and get planning!

Is A Sad Surprise In Waiting For Bjp This Election?

BJP is all set to casket Congress this general election. The spirits are high in the BJP camp and it is sure of hitting the bull’s eye after a decade. It swept away the recent assembly elections in states of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. BJP is under the impression that the scene is perfectly scripted for its win.

The prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has up the ante and is going state by state taking his ‘NaMo’ chant of change but is BJP getting carried away with the current wave?

Even when BJP has almost fixed its victory and has already started to celebrate, it should recall the 2003- 2004 era. The same trend of winning the assembly election with a huge mandate in few states was followed by a huge debacle in general elections, which saw the dawn of the UPA government.

The ‘India Shining campaign’ was out rightly rejected by the voters at large. Even though BJP has an anti-incumbency advantage and may cut into the Congress votes, it may be over estimating the current situation. Why BJP needs to be cautious in jubilating so early is because it is a similar scenario as it was in 2003-04. Then it was NDA in power and now it is UPA surrounded by corruption and non-deliverance debate but political climate has changed way too beyond BJP’s expectation.

Emergence of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its decision to go national with this general election, AAP will not only eat into BJP’s share of anti-incumbent votes but also their loyal electorate as well. The party’s alliance with religious outfits such as RSS, VHP and other affiliates, is losing relevance in current times. The youth today looks down on such sentiments and political rhetoric of clean governance, and change. Not to forget that NDA regime had its share of corruption cases against its members as well. It seems to have pushed the Nitin Gadkari Purti Group incident under the carpet.  Hence, dialogue on anti-corruption may look feeble. AAP has come to power in Delhi on the credence of a strong anti-corruption movement against all other political parties.

It is too early for Narendra Modi to make statements taking a dig on PM Manmohan Singh stating that better  days are coming in another four to six months. If old trends are any of any indication it may turn into an embarrassment for BJP.

Online Store Creator

There are a lot of people who are able to sell goods online and make a lot of profit, but sometimes it requires the right kind of technology and understanding of websites. Luckily, it doesn’t take that much understanding anymore and people can find an online store creator in a matter of a few moments. Utilizing the right online tools, it has never been easier to create an ecommerce store with all of the attached pieces.

The following article will help you to decide which one you want to utilize for your next site. Even though there are a few options, some stand out above the rest.

Jooy Online Store Designer

One of the best and most well-known online store creators is called Jooy. This great website program offers a full-service solution for people that have little to no experience with online websites or stores. People who are interested in getting a good web store build should consider the possibility that paying a monthly fee is actually a lot better in the long run if it can save a lot of hassle and makes the process easier for you and your customers.

At the end of the day, Jooy is an online store creator rather than just a platform that you can use in order to build the online store. Some of the other options are below, but as far as complete creation is concerned, there are few things better than Jooy.

These days it does not make sense to learn all of the new online methods of creating stores as there are plenty of products that can provide every part of this. The internet store creator will allow people to focus more on their expertise rather than something trivial like an online store.

Other Store Creation Tools

Another tool that is common for people trying to create an online store is called Woocommerce. This is a tool used by a lot of people that are interested in getting started with sales of a product that can be integrated with WordPress, which is a content publishing platform. For people that have lots of pages of content and a blog, it is useful to just have a Woocommerce additional tab on the side.

Nonetheless, there are other tools that are useful for store creation as well. Some of them are a lot cheaper but have high plugin or extension costs (such as Presta Cart or Woocommerce). Some have a very high monthly cost, but they come with a variety of other advantages and features that are utilized by experts.

Most of these options are great, but it depends on your level of expertise for each of them. With a lot of experience, one of the monthly paid products might be useful, but with something like a basic beginner can get started without any problems. It depends solely on the operator and the time one wants to take in order to get an online store built. Within a few hours a beginner can use an online store creator and start to sell goods, but the learning process can yield better results. At the end of the day, there are advantages to each method of building ecommerce websites.

Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Lifestyle

There has been much in the media as of late about individuals plunging themselves into huge obligation that will take years for them to reimburse, regularly taking their relationships and families to the edge of calamity. How about we take a gander at a few approaches to help this circumstance, approaches to improve your life and have some good times.

– Accept invitations, You may feel humiliated at set to other individuals’ occasions assuming that you’re not in a position to respond or take an unmanageable blessing, however individuals welcome you since they need to invest time with you. Be exceptional organization, unwind and help with your vicinity. A great visitor is a critical a piece of a fruitful occasion.

– Invite individuals to yours. Ask individuals to carry a dish, a container. Most individuals wouldn’t fret carrying something and it implies that every one of you have a great time with moderately little liability. Alternately in the event that you’re agreeable with your neighbours have a safari dinner with one course at every individual’s house, strolling starting with one venue then onto the next.

– Party ganes are a cheap method for amusing visitors. Acts, tabletop games, cards are a fun approach to use an evening or nighttime with companions and numerous individuals adoration getting to know one another better as they visit, allotment exchange and play to win. I’ve known these nighttime’s turned into a general, energetically envision some piece of the social schedule.

– Spend time with youngsters. Viewing, playing with youngsters of family and companions is extraordinary fun. Their capacity to have a ball, play the same diversion again and again, regularly with next to zero money related expense is delightful. Youngsters’ unaffected delight is a standout amongst the most engaging sounds on the planet.

– People-watch over some espresso in a shopping center. It’s an entrancing approach to use a hour or two, designing stories about individuals’ lives, viewing the planet pass by.

– Go for a walk. Parks, the beach, forest are regularly allowed to appreciate and for the cost of petrol or a transport ride might be moderately receptive. Revel in an energetic stroll on your own or ask companions with youngsters or a canine to go along with you. Perhaps get back to a mug of hot chocolate, a moderate cooker meal or a stunning unwinding shower.

– Make your home a cosy sanctuary. Candles, colourful prints, dazzling pads can make your home or room a gorgeous withdraw to unwind and appreciate whilst not setting back the old finances an extraordinary arrangement of cash. Keep your spot clean and clean; that in itself can help you feel more positive about your home and yourself. Play music, read a book and delight in having sufficient energy for yourself.

– Smile. Recollect the things throughout your life that you could be thankful for. If it be your home, your health, the challenges you have succeed, the individuals you have met along the route, huge numbers of us can stop, reflect and be thankful for much in our lives.