Gaining Experience Before Driving On The Road

If you do not have enough experience about driving in challenging conditions, look for an empty parking lot or some other flat and spacious area that is not covered in traffic and there are no other vehicles or pedestrians nearby. People often get xcrown traffic ticket because they are not being careful. There you can practice a change of direction, acceleration and braking in difficult conditions and gain more experience.

Ready for the Road: Expect the unexpected

In an ideal world, travel services work perfectly and the roads are always clean. However, although the services are trying to clean the roads faster, sometimes due to harsh weather conditions or human factor it is impossible to do it in a short period of time. Therefore, if you must drive to work every day, be sure to inform yourself about the condition of the road on which you want to drive, but always consider the possibility of a change and the possibility to get worse.

Be prepared that the car may spend more than planned, so fill the tank to the brim, in order to have enough fuel in the engine.

The same goes for your cell phone, charge the battery before you leave. Take plenty of fluids and some food but not too much and have a blanket in the vehicle.

The most important thing to do is to make slow – easy maneuvers without hasty sudden movements with the steering wheel, to have winter tires and a car in a good driving condition.

Many drivers, especially younger ones do not have much experience when it comes to driving on snow and ice. For all drivers especially to the younger ones, there are two “golden rules” – make slow movements and increases the distance from the vehicles in front of you!

Consciously create an enthusiasm to explore the dynamics of the car. Drive it at 10 km / h and then abruptly step on the brake pedal to make sure how much you can extend the way of stopping, how limited sudden changes of direction or movement are. Practicing this technique creates routines and reactions become reflex, and it can save your life. Do not go anywhere before completely removing the snow from the vehicle. Warm up the engine and do not start drivingimmediately, move slowly and change the speed at 2,000 r / min. When you are sure that you have enough experience, you can drive on bad weather conditions but always be careful on the road. On such conditions the chances of getting a traffic tickets are bigger. Most of the times people are not very careful when it rains or snows, and they often hurry to get to the desired place faster. That is why you should leave your home 30 earlier so that you can have enough time to get there. If you arrive earlier, you can just sit in the car and wait there.