About us

CAW Local 200 Retired Workers Chapter received its charter on December 28, 1966 and represents almost 3000 retirees.

Our chapter is a very active group of activists dedicated to representing the interests of all retired workers, as the issues facing one retired worker are the issues facing all retired workers, unionized or not.

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 10 am at the CAW Local 200/444 Union Hall, 1855 Turner Rd.

Our Executive

Chair: Jack Gibbons
Vice-Chair: Gary Barash
Email: info@cogeco.ca

Recording Secretary: Ernie Spickett

Ernie retired from Ford Motor Company on December 1, 2008 after almost 32 years of service. During that time he served as an elected representative for 10 years and as Alternate Health and Safety Rep. in the Annex.

Sargent at Arms – Elszie Banks Sr.
Elszie Banks has coached in the Ford Hockey League (FHL) for over 32 seasons, and has coached & played baseball from the age of 18 to the present day. Elszie is a tireless worker in our chapter, not only doing his own job, but helping out in so many other ways. His popularity with the membership is second to none. Whether it’s picket line duty, at demonstrations or in parades, Elszie is always present.


The problem with Canada’s retirement income system has become so obvious that even bank economists have started to admit the RRSP approach has failed. There’s too much risk and not enough security to ensure that, after a lifetime of work, people can retire and live out their last years in dignity.