How to Choose a Christening Gown

A christening gown is so much more than just a fancy outfit to dress your child in. It is an important keepsake that you will treasure for years to come. For some families it will even become an heirloom that is handed down from one generation to the next. With all of this in mind, choosing a christening gown for your little one is a huge task. Your baby’s christening outfit is likely to be one of the most important clothing purchases that you will ever make. Finding suppliers of such outfits is not difficult, but choosing between them could be more problematic! To help narrow it down, here are some important things to take into consideration when making your choice.

Do You Prefer Traditional or Modern Outfits?

The very first thing to ask yourself is whether you would prefer to go down the traditional route and opt for a traditional christening gown regardless of the sex of your baby, or if you would rather dress your child in something more modern such as a beautiful dress for your daughter or a tiny suit for your son. There does seem to be a trend for the more modern and more gender specific outfits, but there will always be something special about the timeless christening gowns of days gone by.

Choice of Fabrics

The type of fabric you choose is also going to be very important. Modern and traditional outfits both tend to be made from similar fabrics with the most popular choices being cotton, linen and silk. What you do need to consider is whether or not your baby is going to be comfortable in the fabric you have chosen. The last thing you want is a hot and itchy outfit which is only going to result in a cranky baby. You do want your little one to look lovely on their big day, but you also want them to be happy at the same time!

Think About Color Options

For most people, when they think about a christening outfit they are automatically going to think of white. There is a very good reason for this. For centuries the color white has always been a symbol for innocence and purity. Some churches will actually insist on a white outfit for the baby so do make sure that you check before purchasing an outfit of a different color. In recent years more colors have become more popular including cream, ivory, blue and pink. It is also common to see a colored trim on a white outfit. If the church is relaxed about color choice, then it is all going to come down to your own personal taste.

Trim & Accessories For Your Outfit

Traditionally, a christening gown does not feature much in terms of trim. At most you might expect to see some lace or some decorative buttons. However, some of the more modern choices feature diamante, embroidery and frills. This is all a matter of your own taste, but do try to bear in mind that less is more and make sure that the trim is not going to overwhelm your outfit.

It has also become fashionable for parents to purchase additional accessories to match the outfit. These might include a hat or bonnet, socks, shoes, cardigans or even a shawl. The accessories that you choose are going to depend on the climate where you live and the time of year, but for most people a simple shawl to keep the baby warm if require is all that you really need.

These are just some of the factors that you will need to think about when choosing your child’s christening gown. Ultimately it will all come down to personal choice. Just remember that this is an important day in your child’s life so take your time when choosing how you are going to dress them.

Men Beard Fashion in 2014

Existing grooming developments have experienced greater in 2014 and main focus is on Men’s design for hairstyles, clothes and even jewelry. Both metro-sexual and elegant men are now actually tailored for enhance their appeal utilizing the finest of men’s grooming set!

The easiest way to obtain a hold of the forthcoming grooming styles in 2014 for males would be to observe the style shows or keep an eye fixed to the most fashionable Hollywood celebrities. However, while design yourself he should bear in mind the fundamental theory of style would be to feel comfortable in what he wears. Holding the looks well are more important that just looking great. The grooming equipment for men will come in variety that simplifies design to your great degree.

Following are well-known men’s grooming styles for the entire year 2014:

  • A contemporary men’s clothing should have a number of of these fashionable sports coats of when the apparel for bike riders. They’re in pattern with specific variations in material, texture and pieces. Nevertheless The traditional black remains to function as the much-coveted color. Although it may appear somewhat cliché to teenagers nevertheless when the label attached with the hat says Calvin Klein or bur fruit, it’s difficult to avoid…certainly.
  • Crap jewelry is back with a boom in men’s fashion trends. It’s no further limited to the choice listing of the metro-sexual. Large and trendy necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks have made their method to the clothing of the strong cult. Fashionable items decked in gold, silver, titanium and diamonds can be found from manufacturers like Bvlgari and Tiffany, Simmons, D&G Treasures!
  • Matches, the traditional men’s apparel is never from the developments. But this time around they’re back with a far more comfortable and stylish cut. In the place of yesteryear’s slim-fit, peaked amounts have been in this season showing a guy’s most valuable resource- ASSURANCE!
  • Shades arrived to focus in 1900s however they stayed in fashion till day because of the design and power results!
  • The most recent trend is slip on offering supreme comfort and reduced fascination for the users. The newest release from Gucci displays a few of the most fashionable shoes ever!
  • Males and their hairstyles- a never-ending number of innovations and testing maintains it talk of the city usually! The grooming equipment for men has turned into a MUST HAVE recently. It’s possible to create trendy styles with his beard and hair at home with these incredible simple to use packages! The custom knives could change the boring checks cool and up-to-the-moment introduction!

Men’s grooming equipment containing printed colognes, face wash, body fragrances and was make excellent presents for a guy of any age! For more information about men’s fashion and grooming you can visit which is credible Scandinavian shop for men.  It’s time for men display their fashionable home to the planet available and to encourage up doing his thing!

The Right Sunglasses for the Fashion – Conscious Man

Choosing sunglasses that are right for you can be a difficult choice if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but as a fashion conscious guy, you’ve probably got an idea of the type of shades that you want. There are many factors that can help you make a decision about the type of sunglasses that you can get and these include:

  • Face Shape
  • Frame Color
  • Lens Type
  • What’s in Fashion

Choosing your Shades according to Face Shape

First check your face shape and then find the style of shades that will flatter your face:

Oval – Oval face shapes can wear any style – just make sure that the frames give you the UV protection that you need.

Square – Go for rounded frames to soften the sharp features of your face and bring out your gentler side!

Round – Wayfarers or other angular shades will add definition to your face and bring out your features in the best way.

Oblong – Go for deep yet narrow frames with soft lines and few angles to soften the length and shape of your jaw and cheeks.

Heart – Choose square or rectangular frames to add definition to the wider area of your face and bring out your masculine side.

Triangle – Try top heavy frames to balance out your jaw line. Also try angular and square lenses which are flattering for triangle faces.

Choosing your Shades according to Frame Color

Start your search at what is in my opinion one of the best online shops for affordable stylish sunglasses and look at the range of frames offered. If you are as fashion conscious as you think, it would be wise to choose a frame that will flatter your color palette in terms of the types of clothes that you wear already. If you wear earthy tones such as beige, camel, tan, lots of denim and other warm autumnal shades then you might like to opt for a brown or burnt orange color for your frame.

If you wear darker colors or you can’t pinpoint what your clothing color palette is, then you can opt for a simple black frame which will go with practically any outfit and goes well with both business and leisure wear.

Choosing your Shades according to Lens Type

Not everyone has perfect eyesight and if you need prescription shades, your fashion and style doesn’t have to suffer as a result of this. Prescription lenses are available from a range of places, and many opticians will allow you to choose your frame and then fit the necessary lens in those frames so that you can still see perfectly and look great at the same time.

The important thing about choosing the lens is that you also need to make sure that it offers the right amount of protection, after all, shades are supposed to protect your eyes from the sun so if you are still suffering with your eyesight whilst wearing some cheap sunglasses then you will know that they aren’t doing their job properly. Polarized lenses are designed to reflect glare when you are looking at reflective surfaces such as water, ice or even a wet road whilst driving, and the UV protection on these shades can not only prevent eye damage but can also prevent squinting (which lead to crow’s feet) so that they keep your eyes looking young!

Choosing your Shades according to What’s in Fashion

Many men pride themselves on being totally in touch with fashion. If this sounds like you then there are plenty of style options for you to choose from in terms of what is in fashion.

When it comes to shades, there are many styles which are timeless and unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. The two styles in particular that apply to this rule are wayfarers and aviators. Gucci and Louis Vuitton have also recently brought out deeper lenses which are hot on the catwalks and trending in shopping malls across the globe. Choose a style that you are happy to wear – practicality needn’t be forgotten, and you can still find bold designs that suit your style for every season.

5 Mandatory Elements for a Modern Cinderellav

We grew up with Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and many more fairytale stories that made us believe in true love, friendship and family. Probably one of the most beloved children’s stories is that of Cinderella, because it encourages us to believe that anything is possible. And if you don’t remember it, it goes a little something like this: left alone after her mother died and her father remarried a woman who also had two daughters, Cinderella becomes the servant of her own house. But a ray of light comes when she finds love at a big ball and good triumphs over bad. Wish it was you, right?


Cinderella has seen many movie adaptations and will probably see many more, because it’s just one of those immortal stories about the triumph of the human spirit. Today’s modern Cinderella is in fact a poor girl, but at least she is not covered with cinders anymore. If there is one thing that fairytales and Hollywood movies have taught us is that being a modern Cinderella is possible if you check the list we have prepared for you below.

  1. The shoes

Yes, we’re starting down and working our way up, because fashion tips always tell us that shoes can make or break an outfit. If you remember Cinderella, she had a spectacular dress and even more spectacular shoes, but modern Cinderella knows that when it comes to choosing an outfit, you have to focus on one single element. And in our story, the dress is the star. So, modern Cinderella wear high heels, definitely sandals, in a nude color that accentuates the leg and lets the dress stand out. Comfort should be the least of your worries. You can afford the luxury of “suffering” for just one night.

  1. The dress

And just like that we have arrived to the central piece in our modern Cinderella outfit, who wore a spectacular dress, but did not show her curves at all. Modern Cinderella needs to borrow the “Lady in Red” signature color, but add a little bit of elegance on the way. Remember the red dress Julia Roberts wore in “Pretty Woman”? That is one of those vintage style dresses that will always be fashionable, so don’t worry that the movie was released in 1990. Vintage means style.

  1. The jewelry

With a dress like that, you don’t need much jewelry to draw attention from it, so choose just a single piece: a ring, a pair of delicate earrings or a necklace. But not all of them at the same time. If you have a sleeveless dress on, you might not want to choose a necklace, just to let others see your beautiful neck.

  1. The hair

Needless to say we like our modern Cinderella au naturel, meaning no crazy colors or elaborated hairstyles. Keep your hair up, so that it accentuates your facial features and go for that “look at me, I didn’t even comb my hair, but I still look great” look.

  1. The attitude

Last but not least on our list, is the attitude: remember that Cinderella is an innocent girl, who still believes in the good nature of people, but at the same time she is confident enough to fool the prince she is more than a maid. So, our modern Cinderella needs to display an attitude resulted from a combination of innocence, confidence and sexuality (it is the 21st century).


General Fashion Talking and Terms

All kinds of fashion products and fashion trends keep on emerging now days. You might find one fashion trend working at one time but not working after sometime. The media has been advanced, so the people have gotten a lot of understanding and insight of the latest trends that are followed everywhere in the world. One can easily follow the trends of what is being told or discussed. The best thing you can see before choosing a trend is that keeping your body type in your mind, as everyone is different so it should be seen that not every kind of fashion is meant for everybody. You must be vigilant and should have an insight about the things that go with the flow of your personality.

The latest trends include having slimmer and fitted clothes now days. The days of having the baggy ones are gone and new trends in terms of dressing have arrived. Previously, we used to see people wearing baggy jeans and trousers but now, the place has been taken by skin fitted trousers and fitted jackets. You can always go for the elegant tops but the thing that you should keep in mind is the top which should not be very loosely attached to your body. The dress should be firmly fitted to the body and should be showing your body shape.

Yes, it is the era to show your physique, so all the thin ones should be proud of the fact that they would be able to wear what they ever wanted. Along with that, the bulky ones should not lose heart as the trend is also for them, the fitting would make their body look toned and lean than the loose one.

The shorts are also in fashion for both guys and girls, so if you think you have good legs and you can boast them easily then you can choose to wear the shorts, the length of the shorts must be quiet shorter so that your legs would come out perfectly. You can find many products that are related to the latest trends on the website milanoo , and can get an insight about them in detail.

The lean jackets are also in fashion now days so you can choose different kinds of fitted jackets to go with in the start. You can choose from many design available including different patterns and designs. The jackets can be of rectangular or round ends. You can match your jackets with your pants or the shorts that you are wearing.

The fashion in case of carrying and handbags has also changed. The huge and bulky handbags are not anymore in the fashion but they have given their place to the up trendiest small bags. The handbags are supposed to be smaller and size efficient from now on.

Perfect Watches for Athletes – Get Running with a Sports Watch!!

Sports watch are the need of every athlete to stand out the extreme conditions and to fight back the limits. The sports watch are the gear that makes the athlete fight his limits and push those limits harder. Every athlete seeks out for some tough sports watches that could be standing all conditions and work with proper precision.

The Need of the Sports Watch

The sports person need sports watch to have an idea about their performance with time. They need to keep a check on the timings and also have a track of their workout. It is said that in order to reach the apex the sportsperson be beating his best every time. He should be having a competition with his last best record and in that excelling job, sports watch prove out to be the best buddies of athlete.   Apart from the sports person, sports watches are also cool casual gears. Due to their sporty look they are preferred by youngsters as casual wear which give them a trendy and fashionable look.

The Perfect Sports Watches

While looking for a perfect sports watch, there are certain things that every sports person has in mind. The first most important thing is precision. The sports watch should be very precise in calculation and have zero error. High precision is required as even a fraction of second could mean victory on field. So watches with accurate functioning are highly preferred.

Next comes durability. The sports watch should be strong enough to stand all the tough situations that a sports person faces during his practise. Today sports watches have got equipped with multi functionality that help the athlete analyse his performance much better than before. Keeping record of every millisecond, the multi-functional sports watch have become a must gear for sports person. Instead of opting for delegate designs it’s recommended that classy models should be chosen as they are easy to wear and tough to damage.

The Fashion Accessory

Today when sports watches have also found role in the fashion industry as a gear giving the sporty look to the young generation, there have been designer sports watches introduced in market. These watches have been crafted with more from the fashion angle and look way better than those traditional sports watches.

The market is flooded with trendy watches and depending upon your need you should be selecting your sports watches.

The Many Reasons Your Next Jewelry Purchase Should Be Of A Custom Design

Design is not making beauty; beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, and love. –Louis Kahn

Jewelry oddly enough is something rather special. It is worn by countless people every day from all walks of life. They go well beyond being simple stones and metals draped over a person’s body. They are art pieces, carefully and intently crafted by artisan Jewelers with a passion for creating beauty. Contrary to what is often believed, jewelry is not an ornament that makes a person more beautiful or attractive. Rather, the jewelry if anything highlights the points of a person that are already beautiful.

Though beyond that, it can also be argued that people don’t actually wear jewelry, and that the jewelry in fact wears the person. This is similar to how a blank canvas isn’t exactly an art piece in itself, but the art is that which is painted upon it. Making people, in essence, walking canvases. So why then with that idea in mind, do people who are shopping for jewelry spend both their precious time and money on pieces generically made? With no personal meaning nor uniqueness found within it. Case in point, when looking at larger jeweler retailers, do you not notice that regardless of the piece, everything generally looks the same? White gold, silver, diamonds… a heart, a square, a circle. And round and round we go.

A simple quick trip to your local mall would show numerous national shops such as Tiffany’s and Kay’s selling jewelry that was stamped and fabricated for the masses. Often times even being marked up significantly because of their “name brand.” This becomes baffling to consider when you realize that for nearly the same cost, the benefits to having it custom made are so stark and numerous. What follows here are the various reasons why before making your next jewelry purchase, especially if it is a larger or more important one, such as a wedding ring or anniversary gift, you should heavily consider having it custom made. By the end of this, you will hopefully realize why your next jewelry piece should be an individualized work of art.

Unique Piece for Unique People

We live in an era of individuality, where a person is valued outside that of being a part of the cumulative masses. As such, uniqueness is valued more today than ever before, and deservedly so. What people choose to eat, the clothes they wear, their interests, and even the tattoos they dawn on their body are all a testament to the fact that we desire to break away from the herd and be counted simply for being us.

For that reason, why spend so much money on something you know for certain others will have. Why wear something that you know means nothing special or has any significant meaning to you? One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I can recall happened to belong to my late grandmother. Though on it were no diamonds and it wasn’t purchased from a retail store. Beyond the interesting almond shape of the ring, my grandfather chose their birthstones to decorate it to start out. As time passed, and they had children, and their children had children, each birthstone from every child was added on.

In sum, with three children and six grandchildren, the ring eventually looked dazzlingly beautiful. Completely unique from anything I’ve seen since. The band on the back of the ring was of the flower my grandfather first gave my grandmother in Lithuania where they were both born. The Ruta Graveolens, or Rue, symbolizes regret and is called the flower of grace. The reason he gave her this flower was due to something stupid he had done and was apologizing for. Regardless, he won my grandmothers heart that day, and he never forgot the flower that helped with that.

Point being, her ring was absolutely and unequivocally one of a kind. No one else had anything that looked as it did, and certainly no one had another ring which would have had the same meaning for my grandmother. It meant the world to her, as when she looked down on it in her final years, every stone evoked a memory and emotion. Nothing my grandfather could have purchased premade in a store would have had the same affect, nor meaning, as that ring did.

Amount of Thought and Care Spent On Choosing A Gift

With reference to the story above, how much can it be shown that care went into choosing a gift of jewelry if you simply pointed at and purchased something? If no personal time, thought, or imagination went into its creation, what can the meaning of that gift truly be? By having your jewelry custom made, you are able to decide the exact materials and resources used, the overall design and theme, the colors, patterns, and anything else you would care to have included.

Individualized gifts are more appreciated as there was obvious thought and feeling behind it. Chances are, a gift of this nature would be cherished, loved, and kept forever. Isn’t that the exact purpose of giving a gift of jewelry, to show your love or appreciation? How can that old true for something you happen to stumble upon and find?

The Inherent Value of A Piece Of Jewelry

When discussing the actual value of a piece of jewelry, we have to remember the true value lies well beyond the overall monetary cost of the piece. The meaning behind it, the story behind it, perhaps even having repurposed other older or damaged pieces into the new one, all of these qualities and many more make the value of custom jewelry far more valuable than anything purchased on the shelf from a store.

If you are wearing any jewelry right now, take a moment and consider it. Why are you wearing it? What does it mean to you? If the answer is simply that you like it, or it’s pretty, the value of that piece is solely dependent upon the cost. Now if you happen to have anything you wear that someone made themselves or had made for you, and had to decide which of the two you had to keep, which would you have a harder time getting rid of. The $2,000 pair of earrings you happen to have found on your vacation to Sante Fe, or the $1 woven multicolored bracelet your daughter or son made for you in grade school?

Granted, you’ll be biting your lip over losing something worth $2,000. But chances are, for something with meaning, you can’t put a price value on it, it’s priceless. One of a kind, not to be found or purchased anywhere else. Again, the point is personal value for a piece does not have monetary cost associated with it, there is no number to assign. It’s priceless, and that’s exactly how Jewelry should be in the eyes of the owner. Those giving gifts of jewelry would be smart to keep that in mind.

Supporting Local Jewelers

Finally, the best bit of having your jewelry custom made is simply that you would be supporting those that deserve your business most. Some artisans pour their sweat, blood, tears, and souls into their work. Some even go as far as to include their own flesh in their jewelry, and as odd as that may be, it has to at least be respected for the purity of their dedication.

That dedication, that care for perfection, doesn’t usually arise from monolithic corporations. Usually big businesses concerns solely lie in selling items and making a profit. Of course they may make claims to great customer service, but generally we all know that’s usually not the case. By visiting, shaking the hand, and discussing the creation of something beautiful with someone who wants nothing more than to see your idea and dream come to life, you’re creating something memorable.

Too often nowadays people want to push a button, receive confirmation, and be done with it. The shortest most brainless route possible always seems the best to take. And for a lot of things in this world, sure, you can skate by with that. But for jewelry, something that is artistic and is supposed to be appreciated for the care that was taken to make it, the uniqueness of the piece and its beauty, the easiest route shouldn’t be the road most frequented. So next time you are considering buying jewelry, why not think of what you want the jewelry to look like rather than being told what looks good or what’s available? Before buying your next gift of jewelry, why not offer something that actually matters, where thought and care went into its creation? It’s possible, doesn’t have to be expensive, and in the end, is worth more than anything you’ll ever stumble upon in a store.

That Awful Fancy Dress Moment When You Are The Only Ones!

Fancy dress parties can be great fun but sometimes not all of the guests get into the spirit of the occasion. Usually there is nothing worse than a party where nobody makes the effort but occasionally the results are hilarious. A few years ago I attended a fancy dress Christmas party with a theme that was right up my street and so I really went for it with my outfit but sadly not everyone felt the same.

Disco Fever

The party had a 1970’s disco theme and was a corporate affair that my partner’s company had booked for the annual Christmas outing. Guests were invited to dress accordingly and I couldn’t wait to don the bling. Fancy dress was not compulsory but you had to believe that people would get into the spirit of the party. I invested in a bright pink sequined jump suit which I partnered with a feather boa, sparkly shoes and a monster tiara. My partner was sporting a turquoise sequined shirt, matching trousers, a huge wig and even bigger medallion.

We took a taxi to the party and as I got out of the car the venue’s staff seemed rather amused at out appearance. I couldn’t understand why until we got upstairs and entered the function room. I walked in to find a room full of women in cocktail dresses and men in suits. Oops! Virtually nobody else had come in costume and it was like that scene in Bridget Jones when she arrives in a bunny girl outfit at what she thought was a tarts and vicars event to find everyone else dressed normally.

I initially felt embarrassed but everyone loved our outfits with many people commenting that they wished they had done the same. After a while I started to enjoy the situation and I was even happier when my partner was handed a bottle of champagne for being the best dressed attendee.

Venetian Ball

The whole episode of the sequined jump suit taught me that it really is best to go for it. A couple of years later we attended a Venetian ball in extravagant outfits and ornate masks. Once again we entered the venue to find a crowd of boring people in their usual evening attire but by this time I was loving it! All evening I was approached by guests complimenting me on my outfit and I am now determined to turn up at every fancy dress party with the most incredible outfit I can muster. Why enter a room full of pirate party decorations in a cocktail dress? Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook is the way to go although I might struggle with the parrot!

Christmas 2013

This year’s party theme is the beach. I am now planning my outfit carefully. Should I opt for Hawaiian hula, surfer or mermaid? It is going to be fun whatever I choose but it would be nice if at least a few others make the effort. We will see but I am going for it regardless!