The Right Sunglasses for the Fashion – Conscious Man

Choosing sunglasses that are right for you can be a difficult choice if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but as a fashion conscious guy, you’ve probably got an idea of the type of shades that you want. There are many factors that can help you make a decision about the type of sunglasses that you can get and these include:

  • Face Shape
  • Frame Color
  • Lens Type
  • What’s in Fashion

Choosing your Shades according to Face Shape

First check your face shape and then find the style of shades that will flatter your face:

Oval – Oval face shapes can wear any style – just make sure that the frames give you the UV protection that you need.

Square – Go for rounded frames to soften the sharp features of your face and bring out your gentler side!

Round – Wayfarers or other angular shades will add definition to your face and bring out your features in the best way.

Oblong – Go for deep yet narrow frames with soft lines and few angles to soften the length and shape of your jaw and cheeks.

Heart – Choose square or rectangular frames to add definition to the wider area of your face and bring out your masculine side.

Triangle – Try top heavy frames to balance out your jaw line. Also try angular and square lenses which are flattering for triangle faces.

Choosing your Shades according to Frame Color

Start your search at what is in my opinion one of the best online shops for affordable stylish sunglasses and look at the range of frames offered. If you are as fashion conscious as you think, it would be wise to choose a frame that will flatter your color palette in terms of the types of clothes that you wear already. If you wear earthy tones such as beige, camel, tan, lots of denim and other warm autumnal shades then you might like to opt for a brown or burnt orange color for your frame.

If you wear darker colors or you can’t pinpoint what your clothing color palette is, then you can opt for a simple black frame which will go with practically any outfit and goes well with both business and leisure wear.

Choosing your Shades according to Lens Type

Not everyone has perfect eyesight and if you need prescription shades, your fashion and style doesn’t have to suffer as a result of this. Prescription lenses are available from a range of places, and many opticians will allow you to choose your frame and then fit the necessary lens in those frames so that you can still see perfectly and look great at the same time.

The important thing about choosing the lens is that you also need to make sure that it offers the right amount of protection, after all, shades are supposed to protect your eyes from the sun so if you are still suffering with your eyesight whilst wearing some cheap sunglasses then you will know that they aren’t doing their job properly. Polarized lenses are designed to reflect glare when you are looking at reflective surfaces such as water, ice or even a wet road whilst driving, and the UV protection on these shades can not only prevent eye damage but can also prevent squinting (which lead to crow’s feet) so that they keep your eyes looking young!

Choosing your Shades according to What’s in Fashion

Many men pride themselves on being totally in touch with fashion. If this sounds like you then there are plenty of style options for you to choose from in terms of what is in fashion.

When it comes to shades, there are many styles which are timeless and unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. The two styles in particular that apply to this rule are wayfarers and aviators. Gucci and Louis Vuitton have also recently brought out deeper lenses which are hot on the catwalks and trending in shopping malls across the globe. Choose a style that you are happy to wear – practicality needn’t be forgotten, and you can still find bold designs that suit your style for every season.

T-Shirt Printing For That Perfect Geeky Gift

I was shopping for a printed t-shirt the other day. I wanted something fun for a friend, something bold, clean lines, bright colours and he’s a total geek, so I was after something that would fit his look, maybe something that Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory might wear.

spock_teeI didn’t find anything that appealed to me, and then I thought, well if I know what I want and I think I did, and I can’t find it on the high street, then I’ll just go ahead and design my own t-shirt and get it printed with a t-shirt printing company. There’s nothing better than a personalised gift.

I’ve seen Sheldon Cooper wearing bright t-shirts with bold, simple geometric designs on and my friend loves Star Trek, so I thought I’d get him a shirt in the light blue that the officers wear. I defiantly didn’t want to buy a red t-shirt worn by cannon fodder crew who always die first and I couldn’t find the funny olive beige colour of the Captain and but the officer’s light blue was easy. I wanted a Spock hand shape inside a circle. I was able to draw one myself, and I don’t think that breached any copyright. It’s a hand after all. I later found out that the t-shirt printers would have happily knocked up such a simple design for me! If only I’d known, but then I’m lucky to have some design skills.

Anyway I had found the t-shirt printing company I wanted and they had the right colour but I wasn’t able to print my image on this bright colour, only text! What? Oh no. It seems that not many companies print images on dark colours. I asked about this and they quickly replied that there are serious quality issues with printing images on dark colours and the results arn’t that good, but they explained if I had a simple one or two colour design they could print it onto the t-shirt as if it was text and it would be fine.

So, long story short, I designed my own shirt, light blue with a bold Spock hand in a circle, black on a light blue shirt, and it looked great! My friend asked me straight away, “where did you buy it?” and when he heard that I’d designed it myself he was so pleased he couldn’t believe it.

He wore it out that night. He looked such a geek! He loved it!

Wedding Gifts – What To Buy The Best Man?

The best man is traditionally an integral part of any wedding – his duties include keeping all the groomsmen organised and planning the bachelor party, not to forget taking responsibility for the all-important wedding rings!  Hence, it is now customary for the groom to buy his best man a gift to say thank you for all his help, usually to be gifted in the groom’s speech. So, if you are a groom who is looking for the perfect gift to say thank you to your best man, this article will hopefully give you some ideas!

When choosing a gift it is important that you bear in mind that the item should be made to last – something that the best man will hopefully keep and savour for the rest of his life, reminding him of the day! This rules out food and drink – it might be tempting to get him a fine bottle of vintage whiskey, but it won’t last forever! You should also try and avoid electronic items, as these are sure to become out-dated in no time due to their short product cycles. Make it a gift that will stand the test of time, and he will truly appreciate it.

Consider the personality of your best man – what are his hobbies? You can base your gift upon this to make sure that it is truly something that he savours for many years to come. For example, if they are crazy about golf, why not get him a special piece of golfing memorabilia? Or, if they are passionate about their whiskey, a personalised whiskey glass would be a great idea.

Of course, one way to make a gift special is to personalise it. This will make the gift truly unique and special, and it is quite easily achievable – for example, you can personalise items such as hip flasks, whisky glasses, cufflinks, watches and pens. The advantage of personalising a gift is that it means that whenever your best man uses the item he will remember your special day and all the happy memories relating to it.

You don’t want to cop out on this – it is important that you thank your best man for all his help, and let him know how much you appreciate the time he has dedicated!

This article was contributed by Keep It Personal who offer a wide range of personalised gifts.

Jil Sanders Springtime 2014 Campaign Cinematic

Jil Sanders spring next year marketing campaign places darkish edges on a thoroughly clean, bright collection; Hitchcock-like in the cracked drama. All of Natasha Poly, Clment Chabernaud, Aiden Andrews as well as Daria Strokous friends out from the circle associated with broken glass and descends the dark staircase. The actual vintage-inspired shapes as well as fake bobbed hair of the selections styling just reinforce the environment of mystery within Willy Vanderperres pictures.

Some people’s wardrobes are about a small choice of items that all match within one visual — Tania Braukamper isn’t such a individual. Having a clothing which covers three different areas, her method of style is really a combination of current-season crucial pieces mixed with vintage discovers she’s sourced upon innumerous buying trips round the world’s much more classy richesse. Despite a disparate method of shopping, Tania is actually adamant the key to combining classic along with year would be to stick to crucial appears and colours that actually work with regard to oneself. And it is the theory that they functions into the woman’s writing for, where your woman serves as the publication’s Publisher.