Who is not familiar with Primo? It is one of the most popular names when it comes to BBQ grilling and accessories related to BBQ. It is popular by its name because it is the one and only ceramic grill which is manufactured in the United States of America.

If you are a lover of BBQ and having a night out with your friends and family at farm house making pizza, baking bagels and roasting chicken, then Primo BBQ Grills & Accessories are a must for you.

Why to Choose Primo?

You might be thinking that there are hundreds of brands producing BBQ grills and accessories out there in the world so what makes Primo any special than that? Why should you particularly use this brand over others? Well the main reason is quality and affordability. Each grill and cooker is made by hand and is inspected carefully before sending to the market to ensure quality, moreover, the products are affordable giving you full security of your investment.

Primo is also rated as the number 1 manufacturer and distributor of ceramic grills by its millions of customers as you can have plenty of choices to select from and amazing quality. The products are made from finest quality material and are much more efficient than metal BBQs.

Features of Primo Products:

Moisture retention and superiors heat is some of the most amazing features of Primo grills which results in better tasting food rich in moisture and aroma. These products are perfect for maintaining temperatures from as little as 200 degrees Fahrenheit to as much as 750 degrees Fahrenheit making it perfect for roasting and cooking steak respectively. Below is the list of features that make it a favorite brand of BBQ lovers all around the world:

  • Easy to use: Primo BBQ grills reaches to its maximum desired temperature in just 15 minutes making the cooking process faster and easier. You just need to light a fire lightening without any liquid fluid making it easier to start. When you are done, just turn the airflow off and the fire will suffocate and die making it easier to shut as well.
  • Transformed into pizzeria: You can easily transform your BBQ into Primo Pizzeria by just adding a Primo Pizza Stone making it multifunctional.
  • Premium Ceramics: Each and every Primo product is made of premium ceramics so that you will get the best of the best for your investment.

Get Deals at Restaurants and Bars

As a former server for nearly six years of full time work, it is easy to say that deals at restaurants are prevalent. How to get the best deals is as easy as changing your eating time, and becoming observant.

The food service industry is one of the most difficult industries to make a profit in period. It is virtually impossible to juggle all the costs associated with this industry without going under because of massive losses, and lack of profits. Therefore restaurants remain incredibly motivated to make sales, and are known to do nearly anything to drag you into their establishment, and get you to make a purchase. The way that restaurants give the best deals primarily comes in one method, specials.

Saving money at restaurants is all about knowing when the specials are occurring, and what days they are most valuable. In order to save a ton of money on your tab, all you must do is spend a few minutes researching your favorite restaurants. Most places go by a weekly schedule that entices customers to come in on the least busy days. For example, one of my favorite Irish pubs offers two steaks for the price of one on Monday nights, also known as the slowest night in the restaurant business. The pub never advertises this special, yet the place stays packed every Monday, because who wouldn’t want to juicy 12 oz sirloin steaks for fewer than ten dollars? The same pub has specials each day of the week ranging from worthwhile, to not much savings, and all one has to do is call, and get a weekly rundown of their specials form the host, or hostess.

By checking the specials of your favorite eateries you will get a rundown of where the good deals are, and how to get them. This can save you nearly 50% off the price others will pay any other night of the week. Anyone that enjoys going to those fancy Japanese steakhouses should know that many of them are known for running an early bird special that is nearly half off the retail price, just for eating your dinner before 6 o’clock in the evening.

Another way to save on restaurant meals is to never settle for anything that isn’t to your liking. If the dish isn’t up to par, let the manager know, and expect at least a free desert, or appetizer, and possibly a compensated meal all together.

Finally one can save a huge amount of money on restaurant meals by simply going for lunch. Even the most well respected, highest rated restaurants in the world offer enticing lunch specials. The secret here is that the lunch portions and the quality of the food is usually the same as the dinner dish would be. Most restaurants want you to think you are getting a much smaller portion at lunch, or else they would never be able to charge double the price for dinner, but the simple fact is that the portion and quality is usually the same at lunch as it is at dinner.