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How do I sponsor dependent? Child sponsorship lawyer Toronto

Are you a permanent Canadian citizen and your family member wants a permanent residence in Canada, then you may be able to help them to become a permanent member. Family grouping is one of the important aspects of Canadian immigration law.

Child sponsorship lawyer Toronto

Child sponsorship lawyer Toronto enables permanent citizens to sponsor child immigration to Canada. If you are seeking sponsorship you must be:

  • You must be older than 18+ years of age.
  • You have Canadian permanent citizenship.
  • Sponsor person you want to sponsor must qualify common-law partner, or convoy dependent child in Canada class.
  • When the sponsored person gets permanent resident class, you have to continue living in Canada.
  • You and partner both have to sign an agreement confirming that each of you agrees to your errands.
  • You have to sign responsibility assuring for the basic needs of your common-law partner or sponsored dependent child.
  • You have to show sufficient income that is enough to fulfill the basic needs of the dependent sponsored child. It is only needed when you sponsor a dependent child. For this, you have to show your financial strength for the last 12 months.

Who is a dependent child?

A dependent child is a child of the sponsor, or sponsor spouse child or common in law partner child. They must have under 22 years of age and do not have a spouse of their own. Childs over 21 year of age who is depended on their parents financially just before the age of 22, and they are incapable to economically support themselves due to mental or physical disorder.

Child who is in solitary custody of the previous partner still called the dependent child and this must be shown on sponsorship request. If the dependent sponsored child has one or more one child of their own, then the sponsor must attest their financial condition by matching a low-income deduction.

Child sponsorship lawyer Toronto agreement:

The sponsor must agree to support a financially sponsored child in case their relative cannot fulfill their needs. It is done to ensure that new residence will not need government support anymore. The length of this obligation depends on the child being sponsored, for 10 year’s child under or reached 22 and 3 years for a child over 22 years of age.

Child sponsorship lawyers Toronto

Note: the financial compulsion does not obsolete if the sponsored person separates from the sponsor and moves away from Canada.

Medical examination- the sponsored child is required to submit their medical evaluation results at the time of application submission. It also includes biometrics proof.

Police certificates- individuals and other members over 18 year age have to submit credentials certificates approved by police from the country where they lastly live. Additionally, certificates from the country they stayed for more than 6 months should be submitted.

For most of the cases, the sponsor must have to live permanently in Canada. However, a Canadian reside is able to sponsor a child while living in abroad, when the sponsor will have permanent citizenship of Canada and sponsored child have Canadian permanent resident. For more information contact child sponsorship lawyer Toronto. Read more info about Canadian sponsorship information here!




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